From ancient Greek civilizations to modern California, the art of haircuts has always held immense significance. Throughout the history of hair, stylists have helped people project their social class, political affiliation, occupation, and religious beliefs.

By learning a classic California-style haircut, you’ll unlock a timeless craft that can bring in cash and respect. Keep reading for a journey through the most popular styles of the West Coast, where every snip of the shears will bring you closer to success.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a fashion statement characterized by its shaggy and textured layers. Some stylists describe it as a blend of a mullet and a shag, combining longer layers in the back with shorter pieces in the front. The choppy ends create motion, giving the hair a natural flow.

Some opt for a more dramatic look with wispy ends, while others prefer a softer version with subtle layering.

The wolf cut is ideal for those who love to switch up their hairstyle. A texturizing spray or mousse can always be used to enhance or soften the shape.

Medium Skin Fade

A medium skin fade is a short hairstyle that suits square jawlines. It’s best for men with thick hair that’s easy to manage.

This cut works with curly, wavy, and straight hair, so all your clients will have a stress-free time wearing it. Also, if your barber skills are up to par, most people’s style will look good for at least two weeks, an excellent option for the typical Californian’s busy schedule.

Airy Shag

This cut, which provides a breezy and relaxed look, is particularly popular in regions with warm climates, like California. Through alternating lengths and feathered edges, the airy shag is full around the crown while thinning out towards the end-perfect for keeping the neck cool.

Its greatest advantage is that it doesn’t require much effort to style. As long as it’s done by a qualified barber, wearers won’t need to do much brushing or define a part. This ease of styling makes it ideal for anyone seeking a low-maintenance hair routine.

Also, it’s suitable for both short and long hairstyles. Clients with shorter hair might prefer a cut that’s longer in the front. Long, thick hair may require more layers to achieve a seamless blend.


Lobs, short for “long bobs,” are a game-changing hairstyle that strikes the perfect balance between short and long locks. Picture this: a trendy, shoulder-skimming cut that’s effortlessly cool. Recommend it for clients with medium or fine hair who want a boost in volume.

Learn the Top California Style Haircut

From the trendy Wolf Cut to the laid-back Airy Shag, each California-style haircut embodies the casually stunning vibe that the Golden State is known for. But it’s not just about the cuts themselves; it’s about the knowledge and expertise behind them. By mastering these sought-after looks, stylists can earn more and establish themselves as top-tier creatives in the industry.

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