Did you know you can become a cosmetologist in less than a year?

As a cosmetologist, you are a beauty expert. People come to you to make their hair, nails, and skin look amazing. And since physical appearance is one of the most important parts of making a good first impression, you have a very important job.

Not yet convinced? Besides being easy to take a cosmetology course, the benefits don’t stop there. Keep reading for five reasons to become a cosmetologist.

1. You Can Make Decent Money After a Cosmetology Course

Cosmetology is more about just having fun with hair and makeup. On average, you can expect to earn more than $20 per hour right out the gate, a nice chunk of change for less than a year of education. And as your experience grows, so does your salary.

Who knows, you might run your own salon one day. Then as time goes by, you hire others to do the work while you sit back and manage.

2. It’s a Highly Flexible Career

Tired of early working hours? Most salons don’t open earlier than 10, so this might be the job for you. And with a no-stress cosmetology course, there are no 7 AM classes.

You may have a challenging schedule that only gives you days off on nights or weekends. You can easily work those hours if you like in addition to your other duties. You can even do in-home visits because you’re not tied to an office.

3. There Are Endless Opportunities

As a cosmetologist, you’ll never be limited in job opportunities. You don’t have to work with coworkers you hate or bosses you dislike. It’s the sort of job where you can move to the salon across the street if you’re tired of your current one.

People always need hair or nail stylists. And it’s a job that AI machines won’t be taking any time soon.

4. You Learn Valuable Skills

Getting your hair cut is something everyone has to do eventually. Therefore it’s a valuable ability to have in your repertoire, just like being able to fix cars or diagnose computer errors. Friends and family might just hire you to do all of their cuts.

You never know when being able to cut hair or do nails will come in handy. Even if you choose another career path later, you’ll be glad you attended a cosmetology school.

5. You Can Specialize

If you’re not big on hair, you can work with something else. You can focus on skincare or nail care. You can specialize further, doing specific types of jobs for a niche audience.

If you love doing long, gaudy nails, there’s a market for you. And if you’re a renaissance man or woman who’s not picky, you can do it all just the same.

Become a Cosmetologist at Lancaster Beauty School

After you take a cosmetology course, the windows of opportunity will open for you in so many ways. You’ll have endless job opportunities with plenty of pay to compensate you. You’ll be learning useful skills while doing what you love and specializing in the things you have a knack for.

Looking for a cosmetology school? Lancaster is ready to help you rise to new heights. Find our admissions application here and take the first step in your cosmetology career.