We offer many services to the public in our salon.  Work is done by students in training and supervised by qualified certificated instructors.

Many area residents have come to rely on our salon services for their needs.  We are a more affordable option to most salons.

Because your manicurist in training is being closely supervised, the results are truly professional.

Here is our menu of manicure/pedicure services for our salon:

Spa Manicure$8.00
Hot Oil Manicure$5.50
Spa Pedicure
Nail Designs
$0.50 (each)
Polish Change$3.50
Nail Wrap (Repair)$2.50
French Manicure with Reg. Manicure$5.00
Nail Art Each Nail$1.50
Nail Art with Special Effects No Shellac$8.00
Acrylic Removal (all 10)$10.00
Acrylic Fills$8.50
Tips with Overlay$17.50
Tips Only$8.50
Silk Wraps$15.00
Gel Application$15.00
Gel Removal with no application$10.00
Gel Removal with the new application$15.00
Gel Polish for acrylic nail service$6.00 & up