Barbering is in a hairy situation! Nearly 13,000 Americans work as barbers. Yet most barbers don’t have their own companies, and many jobs are in a handful of states. 

If you want to become a great barber, you need to think about choosing a barber school. Taking classes will give you a leg up on the competition. Yet you shouldn’t pick the first school you find online. 

How can you find the perfect school for you? How can you assess the experience and qualifications of your teachers? What should you do if you need financial aid? 

Answer these questions and you can start your career with the best training for barbers. Here is your quick guide.

Compare Options for Barber Schools

There may be many barber schools within your area. Do your research on all of them and compare your options together. 

You should always go to an accredited school with a track record of producing successful students. Read reviews online and try to figure out which school has the best teachers. If you’re interested in a specialty of barbering like beard care, see what classes the schools offer and select the school with the best ones in your specialty.

Find Barber School Instructors With Experience

Before you sign up with a school, you should conduct research on its instructors. You can contact school administrators and ask for information on the teachers. However, the school may not give you full details about each instructor. 

Go online and look at your instructors’ LinkedIn pages and professional websites. See what barbershops and salons they have worked for, then contact those companies. Ask their former employers questions about their skills and knowledge.

Get Financial Aid

If you cannot pay the bills for your classes, you can get help. Many schools connect their students with loan agencies, including ones from the federal government. 

Schools also offer scholarships and opportunities to reduce fees. In exchange for working for the school or engaging in community service, you can receive a discount on your classes. Contact your school’s administrators or financial aid professionals for more information.

Develop a Good Barber Course Schedule

You can take many different classes in barber school. Think about what you want to do with your career, then pick classes relevant to the line of work. If you want to be a cosmetology specialist, you should take cosmetology classes in hairstyling, haircutting, and coloring. 

Try to find hands-on opportunities to work in the industry. Some schools are partnered with independent salons. Become a barber apprentice and learn from professionals while you take classes.

Start Choosing a Barber School Today

Choosing a barber school requires some work. You need to look at your different options and read customer reviews for each school in your area. Once you’ve found a school that interests you, you need to research the faculty. 

Figure out how you can pay for your classes. Then start selecting classes that will advance your career. Give yourself time to work in a barbershop or salon, and consider becoming an apprentice. 

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