Have you heard that the global nail salon industry is worth $11 billion as of 2023? Such a thriving industry means there are plenty of job opportunities for beauty professionals, including manicurists.

Working with nails can be a fabulous job, but there are drawbacks to traditional salon settings. Some people wonder if there are nicer nail tech opportunities out there for them.

If this is the case for you, then you owe it to yourself to learn about becoming a traveling manicurist. Read on for five perks you can expect when you take on this exciting role.

1. Flexibility and Freedom

A big perk of being a traveling manicurist is the flexibility and freedom it offers. Unlike traditional nail technicians who work in salons, you get to be your own boss. Travel manicurists can set their own schedules.

They can even choose when and where they want to work. This means you can take vacations or time off whenever you please. It’ll allow you to strike a perfect work-life balance that suits your lifestyle.

2. Wider Client Base

By being a traveling manicurist, you can expand your reach and cater to a broader client base. You won’t be limited to customers who visit your salon. Instead, you can provide nail services to people in various locations.

This can include their homes, offices, events, or even during travel. This opens up exciting opportunities to meet new people and build lasting relationships with your clients.

3. Specialized Manicurist Classes

To become a skilled traveling manicurist, start by enrolling in specialized manicurist classes. These classes will equip you with advanced techniques and knowledge in the field of nail care.

You’ll learn about the latest trends, nail art, and innovative products. Acquiring these skills will boost your confidence so you can be an advanced manicurist.

4. Creative Expression

Becoming a manicurist who travels allows you to unleash your creativity. Nail art has become a huge trend, and clients are always on the lookout for unique and eye-catching designs.

As a manicurist, you’ll have the opportunity to experiment with various nail art styles and techniques, creating stunning looks that leave your clients impressed. The joy of seeing your artistic creations admired and appreciated is unparalleled.

5. Increased Earnings

Travel manicurists often have the potential to earn more than their salon-based counterparts and people with other beauty careers. Since you’ll be providing specialized services directly to clients, you can set your prices based on the convenience and quality you offer.

You also won’t have to share your earnings with salon owners or pay salon fees. By building a loyal clientele and offering exceptional services, you can establish a reputation that leads to higher-paying opportunities.

You Could Love Being a Traveling Manicurist

Becoming a traveling manicurist might be the nicest decision you ever make. After learning about the perks of this position, you can give it some deep thought.

If you’re serious about providing nail services, you have to get stellar training. Contact Lancaster Beauty School so we can chat about our programs that will set you up to flourish.