Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Do you have skin problems? Are you wanting to ware make-up, but concerned about the ingredients in make-up? Are you using the right make-up for your skin type and know how to apply it?  We have the answer for you….


Now offered in the Esthetics Department at Lancaster Beauty School!  There’s not just powders, for those of you who like liquid make-up.  We can also teach you how to apply it and how to accentuate your beauty! The prices are very reasonable for make-up services and make-up products. The make-up is so beautiful and good for so many skin types!*

You can find a list of all Esthetic Services and Prices under Salon Services
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Lancaster Beauty School Pass Rate

We have one of the high pass rates in the state.
Lancaster Beauty School has been operating in the Antelope Valley for over 50 years.

Currently for the calendar year 2013 our pass rate is 81.13% for our institution  per NACCAS standards.  All exam rates are available on the Board of Cosmetology’s website for quartly rates for each course.

We achieve these rates through dedicated cosmetology educators and a great teaching system that allows students to enjoy the process.  Our students say our program is fun which makes it easier to learn.

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Earn Your Cosmetologist, Barber, Advanced Manicurist or Esthetician Diploma

Few Schools offer Manicurist diplomas.  We have some of the best educators for all three areas.
Few schools offer Manicurist diplomas. We have some of the best educators for all three areas.

We are one of the few schools that offer all four of the Diplomas.   We are fortunate to have staff dedicated to helping students succeed in their careers as a cosmetologist, barber, manicurist, or esthetician. For a well-rounded educational experience that truly prepares you for graduation and eventual success in your career Lancaster Beauty School is an excellent choice.

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