Our Wonderful Staff

Gail Miner

President, Owner, Director, Financial Aid Director, Credentialed Instructor

Mrs. Miner began her journey in this industry in 1971 and after completing her education and becoming a licensed professional, she traveled to San Diego, Ca to continue her journey. She has had many opportunities and jobs including an industry professional,  instructor, manager, financial aid officer as well as many others. Mrs. Miner has owned and directed Lancaster Beauty School since August of 1995 and over these past years has enrolled and graduated over 3000 students throughout her time here. She is a well-respected director and owner throughout this institution and industry. Mrs. Miner is a voice within our industry helping to make a brighter future for cosmetologists, manicurist, estheticians, and barbers everywhere. She is a very active director and is constantly involved in the professional organizations within the industry.

Jeri McCarahan

Financial Aid Officer / Administrative Assistant

Jeri has been part of this institution since May 2007. She helps with all things involved in the Administration Office and she enjoys helping students take their first steps towards their career.

Kyoko Fisher

Supervising Student Salon Floor Instructor, Manicuring (Day) Theory Instructor

Mrs. Fisher has been instructing students in this industry for many years and takes pride in helping students achieve their goals and pass their state board exam. Mrs. Fisher joined our company June 2003, an immediately became our state board expert. She always goes above and beyond and strives for excellence from our students and continues to push them to be hardworking and outstanding cosmetologists, manicurists, and barbers.

Merlene (Kaye) Daggs

Student Salon Floor Instructor, Barber (Day) Theory Instructor

Mrs. Daggs is the second longest standing employee within the company and has instructed numerous students. She has had many years within the industry and many experiences to learn and gain from. Mrs. Daggs brings in that caring nature that every student needs to help them grow.

Janet Bravo

Freshman Cosmetology, Barber, Manicuring (Day) Instructor, Cosmetology Theory (Day) Instructor

Joining our team in March of 2014 Janet was and is an outstanding edition to Lancaster Beauty School. She helps our students excel at retail prescribing, and thorough client consultation. Ms. Bravo loves all of her students and really puts forth that extra effort.  Janet is a licensed Cosmetologist and Barber.

Sarah Fawbush

Skin Care Department Instructor & Student Salon Floor Instructor

Sarah is currently licensed in Cosmetology, Barber, and Skin Care as well as a certified Make-Up Artist from Westmore Academy, Burbank, CA. In addition, she is Certified, Specialist, Expert Certified with Dermalogica. Recently certified with Bella Lash, lash extensions. Sarah is a perfectionist and she applies that trait in her classroom and with every student she has the pleasure of interacting with. Sarah strives to mentor and put out the best skin therapists in the industry upon their graduation. She is constantly pushing them past what they think they are capable of and showing them they are even better. With 50 plus graduates from her program and room she oversees she without a doubt puts everything she has into these women, their education and their future careers. She continues to keep in touch and push them throughout their journey in this industry and she has had over 16 student recipients for their Post-Graduate Lisa White Spiering Legacy Scholarship awarded to them from the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. She wants the most from her students and she gives it back more in return.

Casey Ferguson

Skin Care Department Assistant Instructor

Casey is a wonderful addition to our skin care department. She holds her Esthetician license since she attended Mud Make-Up Designory and is a certified makeup artist. In addition, she has a background in special education and her Associate’s Degree in Social and Behavioral Science. Recently she became certified in Bella Lash, lash extensions. She is very compassionate, understanding, and giving to her students. She absolutely loves her career and working in the beauty industry guiding future professionals to be their best.

Ruben Ray C. Rivera

Student Salon Floor Instructor,  Substitute Barber (Day) Theory Instructor

Mr. Ruben one of our newest editions to the LBS team. Licensed in Barbering since 2013, he is currently working in a barber shop and teaching on our student salon floor. Mr. Ruben is incredibly talented and has so much to show and teach the students. He loves education and learning new things. He has so much enthusiasm when teaching and guiding/mentoring barbers and cosmetologists.

Marisela Basulto

Student Salon Floor Instructor

Mrs. B is also one of our newest instructors and a tremendously wonderful addition. She currently holds both cosmetology and barbering licenses. She enjoys teaching and guiding the students to be greater with their clients and their services. Mrs. B has been an instructor for 11 years and clearly shows her expertise and love for what she does when she is on our student salon floor with the students.

Becki Gamboa

Salon Coordinator

Becki is a loyal staple in our Lancaster Beauty School team, she takes care of our guests, as well as our students through whatever their needs may be. She makes sure all of our students get the experience they need with guests and ensures the students receive a great foundation in their education, in order to be great within the industry. Becki joined our team August of 2001 and continues to support our staff, students, and guests with her outstanding efforts.